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Tailor Your Wedding Dress for a Perfect Fit

Wedding Dresses Raleigh NCNearly every little girl who has seen “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty” dreams of one day finding her prince and walking down the aisle toward a life of eternal and infinite love in his arms. The dream of living “happily ever after” is stitched into the psyche of women young and old. But that dream cannot be fulfilled until the perfect wedding dress is discovered.

The perfect wedding dress, however, does not appear out of nowhere; neither is it mass produced and sold at Old Navy or the Gap. No, the perfect wedding dress is tailored for the bride. It is hers and no one else’s. Thus, the act of tailoring a dress for that perfect day is just as much a part of living happily ever after as anything else.

Creating the Perfect Wedding Dress

The perfect wedding dress is out there waiting for you. But you must first find it and that can take some time and effort. When the right dress speaks to you, you will know. So don’t be rushed to find that dress. Take your time and look around. Perhaps you’ll find it at a local dress shop, in a magazine, or even online. Maybe you’ll have a professional design it for you.

In any case, when you find the right wedding dress, the wedding bells will begin chiming before you’ve even placed it on your body. Long before the day you are wed, you will already have experienced a whirlwind of excitement, awe, and comfort knowing that the right wedding dress has found you.

Finding the Tailor

The tailor is an artist. A true tailor knows what they do and how to do it. They listen to you and respond to your every wish and whim. Their passion for their art will bring the dress alive by bringing your soul into its fabric. For this, you may need to visit many tailors before you find the right artist, the one that understands you and your needs. But, with time and patience, that tailor will be found.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that the tailor is the artist you need for the day in which you and your love become joined forever.

First, look around and see if the tailor you have found has been reviewed anywhere. Are the reviews good, bad, or lackluster? Knowing this can help you to determine whether this is the tailor you want and need. If the tailor does not have outstanding reviews, move on. You need a perfect tailor to make that perfect dress.

If you can’t find any reviews online or elsewhere, ask the tailor for a list of past clients. Contact them and see what they say about their experience and the wedding dress they received. Were they satisfied? Do they recommend this tailor or are they warning you to go elsewhere? Conversing with those who have already had experience with the tailor can be one of the most important and quickest ways to determine whether the tailor should be trusted.

Further, how does the tailor talk about herself and what she does? Does she speak as if she’s just doing a job or does she truly believe in her art? Is there appreciation for the craft or just a desire to make a dollar?
The perfect tailor is an artist who speaks as an artist, who talks of her dresses as if they were children that she has helped to birth. Listen carefully not only to the words the tailor speaks but the emotions conveyed behind those words.

Final Advice

A few final words of advice may be helpful before you begin searching for the perfect wedding dress and the right tailor. Make sure you have the dress tailored close enough to the wedding so that you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. After all, we all gain and lose weight, and a dress trimmed to your body today might not fit in six months.

Lastly, don’t take a caravan to the tailor. Take only those you trust the most. Not all of your bridal party needs to be there. Perhaps your mother and your best friend should come. But too many voices can spoil a good thing.

Look For Great Locations For Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the day you’ll always look back on with fond memories. It’s the day when you and your partner promised each other that you’ll be there in sickness and in health, to stay together for a lifetime of commitment and happiness. It should be documented and cherished, and the documented pictures should be nothing less than the best locations to help you remember the great memories from that day. Here are some ideas for great wedding photography locations to help you capture that love in a timeless, unique way.

First off, consider taking the photographs on a beach. There are some beautiful beaches in Hawaii. For example, the Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island has a stunning spot on the Kona coast. The site is often frequented by dolphins and the backdrop is perfectly accented by the presence of black lava. Beach wedding photography also lends a casual, laid back feel to the pictures. Imagine a loose, flowy dress with the sun reflecting off the soft waves in the background, with a stunning, bright Hawaiian flower tucked behind one ear. The perks to photographing here is you wouldn’t have to travel very far for a great honeymoon spot!

Maybe photographing at the beach isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Maybe you are a country girl at heart. Photographing on a ranch lends a rustic-chic vibe to your pictures. Ranches instantly bring to mind images of lush green fields, tall trees under whose shadows you could spend hours reading in. It brings to mind pictures of old Southern charm with tall glasses of iced tea and white wrap around porches. You can expect that photographs at ranch locations to be accented with plenty of wooden details, charming barns, and churches with wooden paneled walls and wooden floorboards. It brings to mind tradition, family, and simplicity. Maybe take a picture under a favorite tree of yours growing up, or the location of your first picnic date there. Pictures of you and your loved one in a horse-drawn carriage would fit in beautifully.

Additionally, search for a nice stone wall to take pictures in front of. It will serve as a nice backdrop, especially during the winter time. The parallel between the snow covered walls with your white dress, contrasted with the greyness of the cold stones will photograph splendidly.

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself much a country girl. Maybe you are more of a nature lover. There are some beautiful locations that are perfect for that. Taking photographs outdoors also takes advantage of the natural sunlight which provides optimal lighting. For instance, you can have your photographer take a stunning picture of you and your loved one amidst a forest of trees. If it’s taken during the spring or summer, you get a lush view of the overhanging green canopy of trees, as well as a view of the vast amount of forest behind you. If it’s taken during the fall, you have a stunning view of a warm palette of changing leaves. If you are a nature loving couple, taking a picture in the wilderness helps capture an important essence of your relationship. Perhaps consider hosting your wedding in a small cabin by the lake. The cabin can be a smaller one if you desire a more intimate wedding, or a larger one if you are looking for a big party.

Have your photographer capture those precious moments when you and your significant other are getting dolled up for the vows. If you can capture this perfectly, perhaps a shot of you and your significant other kissing in a doorway with the sun streaming in. The door-frame would act as a perfect frame for this shot. Another great one to take is the moment when each of you are reading letters to each other. This will help capture the emotions from the day. However, as important as pictures with your significant other are, pictures with your wedding party, your friends and family who attended the wedding are equally as important. Get some silly pictures with your bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen. Don’t forget to pose with the beautiful flower girl. A double exposure shot can be utilized with any sort of backdrop to help lend an artsy feel to the pictures. If the wedding is being held in the city, a shot at sunset with you two overlooking the sky scape might also be appropriate.

Remember, don’t forget to document this day and tell your photographer exactly what you are and what you are not looking for. However, don’t forget to have fun in the process. After all, you only get married once!

Perfect Wedding Venue – Swan Manor

5 Simple Steps to Create a Wedding Photography Checklist

One of the most important decisions you will make prior to your wedding is to create a wedding photography checklist. You only get one wedding so it is really important to capture all the special moments that come only once. You want to avoid wishing that you had a photo of you riding in the classic convertible, six months after the wedding. The best photos will not only give you the emotion, and the mood experienced but will also include the entire elements in the actual moment… minus the flaws and embarrassing moments, of course!

With the right photographer, you can get themed photos that are taken and edited according to your specifications. However, the most important thing is to ensure all the special moments are captured in an exceptional way that will guarantee a nostalgic feeling years after the wedding.

Are there too many beautiful moments throughout the day? It may be quite a task thinking of all the special moment photos that you must have, some of them happening simultaneously. Here is how to create the best photography checklist for your big day:

1. Have a vision, a story to tell
The first thing you must think about to create a wedding photography checklist is the story that you hope to tell. You must have a vision that will direct the composition of the photography. This way all your pictures will connect and have a relation to each other.

Moreover, anyone looking at the photos will be able to tell the atmosphere you had at your wedding. Take any story you fancy, it may be inspired by a fairy tale, a movie, or even your favorite city; nevertheless it should be something that you really love.

2. Visualize your wedding
You may have already visited your wedding site a dozen times before, however, you need to visit it one more time to create your wedding photography checklist. You should also consider your wedding program and know all the different settings you will have based on the various phases in the wedding.

Visualize your big day while at the site and pick the spots that you must have in your photos. What made you choose the venue? Is it the big trees or the country inspired signage? Or maybe it’s the hanging flower gardens. Make sure all these invaluable details are included in your checklist. Will you dress up at the same venue or home? Will your photo session be in a different location? Well, make sure you take a day to premeditate the whole wedding ceremony and note down the most important moments.

3. Get inspired; Borrow ideas
Have you included everything that you would like in your wedding photography? This is the best time to get more inspiration from the couples that have done it before and from the photography experts. Ask your friends and relatives for their wedding albums. You may even visit your photographer to view his detailed portfolio. But, to avoid last minute confusion, this must be done prior to compiling the final list.

Try searching for ideas from the Internet. If you Google wedding photography, you will get thousands of inspiring photos that you can choose from. Needless to say, the Internet is the best place to get poses and photography trending in the wedding scene. Note down the trends that you fancy and mash them up with your own ideas.
Trending ideas that you may get include pre-wedding or engagement shots, getting ready shots, hanging wedding dress, jewellery, rings, programs, place cards, decor, cake among others.

4. Compile your checklist
Now you are ready to create a wedding photography checklist. Compile all the details you have included and make a checklist that has a flow to it. Start with the happenings at the beginning of the day flowing all the way to the end.

Make sure it is realistic and that it will not interfere with the wedding schedule. Go through the checklist with your partner and maybe your best couple to ensure that you have included everything.

5.Communicate your plan
Discuss this plan with your photographer, and listen to his/her ideas for the perfect execution. With the right tools and efficient planning, you can create a wedding photography checklist that will give you the best photos to be proud of many years to come.