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Tailor Your Wedding Dress for a Perfect Fit

Wedding Dresses Raleigh NCNearly every little girl who has seen “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty” dreams of one day finding her prince and walking down the aisle toward a life of eternal and infinite love in his arms. The dream of living “happily ever after” is stitched into the psyche of women young and old. But that dream cannot be fulfilled until the perfect wedding dress is discovered.

The perfect wedding dress, however, does not appear out of nowhere; neither is it mass produced and sold at Old Navy or the Gap. No, the perfect wedding dress is tailored for the bride. It is hers and no one else’s. Thus, the act of tailoring a dress for that perfect day is just as much a part of living happily ever after as anything else.

Creating the Perfect Wedding Dress

The perfect wedding dress is out there waiting for you. But you must first find it and that can take some time and effort. When the right dress speaks to you, you will know. So don’t be rushed to find that dress. Take your time and look around. Perhaps you’ll find it at a local dress shop, in a magazine, or even online. Maybe you’ll have a professional design it for you.

In any case, when you find the right wedding dress, the wedding bells will begin chiming before you’ve even placed it on your body. Long before the day you are wed, you will already have experienced a whirlwind of excitement, awe, and comfort knowing that the right wedding dress has found you.

Finding the Tailor

The tailor is an artist. A true tailor knows what they do and how to do it. They listen to you and respond to your every wish and whim. Their passion for their art will bring the dress alive by bringing your soul into its fabric. For this, you may need to visit many tailors before you find the right artist, the one that understands you and your needs. But, with time and patience, that tailor will be found.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that the tailor is the artist you need for the day in which you and your love become joined forever.

First, look around and see if the tailor you have found has been reviewed anywhere. Are the reviews good, bad, or lackluster? Knowing this can help you to determine whether this is the tailor you want and need. If the tailor does not have outstanding reviews, move on. You need a perfect tailor to make that perfect dress.

If you can’t find any reviews online or elsewhere, ask the tailor for a list of past clients. Contact them and see what they say about their experience and the wedding dress they received. Were they satisfied? Do they recommend this tailor or are they warning you to go elsewhere? Conversing with those who have already had experience with the tailor can be one of the most important and quickest ways to determine whether the tailor should be trusted.

Further, how does the tailor talk about herself and what she does? Does she speak as if she’s just doing a job or does she truly believe in her art? Is there appreciation for the craft or just a desire to make a dollar?
The perfect tailor is an artist who speaks as an artist, who talks of her dresses as if they were children that she has helped to birth. Listen carefully not only to the words the tailor speaks but the emotions conveyed behind those words.

Final Advice

A few final words of advice may be helpful before you begin searching for the perfect wedding dress and the right tailor. Make sure you have the dress tailored close enough to the wedding so that you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. After all, we all gain and lose weight, and a dress trimmed to your body today might not fit in six months.

Lastly, don’t take a caravan to the tailor. Take only those you trust the most. Not all of your bridal party needs to be there. Perhaps your mother and your best friend should come. But too many voices can spoil a good thing.