Look For Great Locations For Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the day you’ll always look back on with fond memories. It’s the day when you and your partner promised each other that you’ll be there in sickness and in health, to stay together for a lifetime of commitment and happiness. It should be documented and cherished, and the documented pictures should be nothing less than the best locations to help you remember the great memories from that day. Here are some ideas for great wedding photography locations to help you capture that love in a timeless, unique way.

First off, consider taking the photographs on a beach. There are some beautiful beaches in Hawaii. For example, the Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island has a stunning spot on the Kona coast. The site is often frequented by dolphins and the backdrop is perfectly accented by the presence of black lava. Beach wedding photography also lends a casual, laid back feel to the pictures. Imagine a loose, flowy dress with the sun reflecting off the soft waves in the background, with a stunning, bright Hawaiian flower tucked behind one ear. The perks to photographing here is you wouldn’t have to travel very far for a great honeymoon spot!

Maybe photographing at the beach isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Maybe you are a country girl at heart. Photographing on a ranch lends a rustic-chic vibe to your pictures. Ranches instantly bring to mind images of lush green fields, tall trees under whose shadows you could spend hours reading in. It brings to mind pictures of old Southern charm with tall glasses of iced tea and white wrap around porches. You can expect that photographs at ranch locations to be accented with plenty of wooden details, charming barns, and churches with wooden paneled walls and wooden floorboards. It brings to mind tradition, family, and simplicity. Maybe take a picture under a favorite tree of yours growing up, or the location of your first picnic date there. Pictures of you and your loved one in a horse-drawn carriage would fit in beautifully.

Additionally, search for a nice stone wall to take pictures in front of. It will serve as a nice backdrop, especially during the winter time. The parallel between the snow covered walls with your white dress, contrasted with the greyness of the cold stones will photograph splendidly.

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself much a country girl. Maybe you are more of a nature lover. There are some beautiful locations that are perfect for that. Taking photographs outdoors also takes advantage of the natural sunlight which provides optimal lighting. For instance, you can have your photographer take a stunning picture of you and your loved one amidst a forest of trees. If it’s taken during the spring or summer, you get a lush view of the overhanging green canopy of trees, as well as a view of the vast amount of forest behind you. If it’s taken during the fall, you have a stunning view of a warm palette of changing leaves. If you are a nature loving couple, taking a picture in the wilderness helps capture an important essence of your relationship. Perhaps consider hosting your wedding in a small cabin by the lake. The cabin can be a smaller one if you desire a more intimate wedding, or a larger one if you are looking for a big party.

Have your photographer capture those precious moments when you and your significant other are getting dolled up for the vows. If you can capture this perfectly, perhaps a shot of you and your significant other kissing in a doorway with the sun streaming in. The door-frame would act as a perfect frame for this shot. Another great one to take is the moment when each of you are reading letters to each other. This will help capture the emotions from the day. However, as important as pictures with your significant other are, pictures with your wedding party, your friends and family who attended the wedding are equally as important. Get some silly pictures with your bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen. Don’t forget to pose with the beautiful flower girl. A double exposure shot can be utilized with any sort of backdrop to help lend an artsy feel to the pictures. If the wedding is being held in the city, a shot at sunset with you two overlooking the sky scape might also be appropriate.

Remember, don’t forget to document this day and tell your photographer exactly what you are and what you are not looking for. However, don’t forget to have fun in the process. After all, you only get married once!

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